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Mera Adhikar

Mera Adhikar A digital platform for-Government Welfare Schemes Eligibility Discovery, Government Services, Financial Inclusion, Socio-Economic Environment and an Atmanirbhar Bharat.
We have built an AI-driven platform with a database of 5000+ Government to Citizen (G2C) schemes to help the Indian citizens check their eligibility for the welfare schemes which they may or may not be aware of. The objective of our platform “Mera Adhikar” is to spread awareness of welfare schemes, drive financial inclusion and create a socio-economic environment with the principle of furthering the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

How Does Mera Adhikar Work?

On registration, you will get secured access to mera adhikar portal. Now you have access to more than 5000 Government to Citizen (G2C) schemes. On enrollment to any scheme by customer you will earn handsome commission.


Features & Benefits of Mera Adhikar:

xtra Revenue

As a Margdarshak Pradhan, whether you are employed, business owner, shop owner, or even unemployed. Mera Adhikar can become a great platform to earn a credible amount of up to ₹10,000/- per month


Increase your self-value in society, village, town by helping and educating the Aam Aadmi about their adhikar given to them by the government.


By helping an Aam Aadmi relies on and achieve their adhikar will invariantly empower the society and the country largely. it’s a great pride being a part of it.

Increase Footfall

If you have an existing setup (shop, business, consultancy, etc.) This will help you gain better footfall as through the process, Word of Mouth and with your credibility, you have benefited someone in some way. Increase footfall which in turn will increase your core business


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